Throw the best wrench at it ®




The HUWE® is suited to any job where hammer unions are used, i.e., temporary high-pressure service up to 15,000 psi. That is most commonly required in the oil and natural gas industry and includes flare lines, flow lines and injection lines, high-pressure lines used during hydraulic fracturing and other pressure-pumping services such as cementing, and under-balanced drilling. There can also be need for temporary service, such as steam, during facility turnarounds or expansions. The mining industry also has various requirements for temporary high-pressure service.

In short, anywhere that you might find a hammer union, there‚Äôs a need for the patented HUWE®.

What Not To Do


Do Not Hammer HUWE® Heads
No hammering on HUWE<sup>®</sup> Heads


Do Not Use Snipes/Cheaters
No Snipes/Cheaters

Do Not Hammer HUWE® Handles
No hammering on HUWE<sup>®</sup> Handles