Throw the best wrench at it ®



Available Sizes

The patented HUWE®’s various wrench diameters cover most of the hammer union sizes commonly used in western Canada. Our four handle lengths fit all wrench head sizes, allowing selection of the handle that best fits the available working space and the user’s strength and preference. You can buy one head and handle as a unit, or a complete set of heads with four handles.

If you don’t see a size that suits your needs, please talk to us about designing and producing other head sizes for your company.

Metallic silver is the HUWE®’s standard colour. On large-run orders, a modest surcharge gets you custom-painted HUWE®'s. You might like to select your company’s official colour, for easy identification of your HUWE®'s on the job-site.

Part Number   Description   Availability
710-0019   HUWE Head, 2" Fig. 100/200/206/400   Available
710-0020   HUWE Head, 2" Fig. 602/607/1002   Available
710-0021   HUWE Head, 2" Fig. 1502   Available
710-0022   HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 100/200/206/300   Available
710-0023   HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 602/1002   Available
710-0024   HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 1502   Available
710-0048   HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 400   Available
710-0025   HUWE Head, 4" Fig. 602/1002   Available
710-0027   HUWE Head, 4" Fig. 1502   Available
710-0049   HUWE Head, 4" Fig. 100/200/206/300/400   Available
710-0050   HUWE Head, 5" Fig. 1002/1502   Available
710-0028   HUWE Head, 6" Fig. 100/200/206   Available


Part Number   Description   Availability
710-0059   HUWE Handle, 24" long   Available
710-0030   HUWE Handle, 36" long   Available
710-0031   HUWE Handle, 42" long   Available
710-0032   HUWE Handle, 46" long   Available