Throw the best wrench at it ®



HUWE® Features


Key to the patented HUWE®’s success is the ingenious head design. Cast out of a single piece of steel, each head has been designed to be harder than hammer-union steel. Heat-treated and water-tempered, with no welds, the rugged HUWE® head can operate indefinitely – outlasting any sledgehammer.

The HUWE® head fits easily and sits securely on the nut, thanks to its long curvature, width and open-ended guide in addition to the lug-hole. There’s plenty of lateral stability as well. The head torques the nut in one direction while sliding off easily in the other. It won’t wear out and will continue to sit evenly and grip properly without slipping, even on moderately worn hammer union nuts.


Much of the HUWE®’s user-friendliness and versatility come from the removable, reversible handle. Not only does it generate incredible torque but, just as on a box wrench, reversing the handle lets the user do 1½ turns. That’s great for tough jobs in confined working spaces.


The simple pin is all it takes to lock the handle to the head. It’s attached to the handle by a chain to prevent dropping.