Throw the best wrench at it ®



Hammer Union Wear & Tear

Wouldn’t it be better to stop beating your hammer unions to pieces? Tightening and loosening hammer unions with the typical sledgehammer is incredibly hard on the union – particularly the nut.

Repeated hammer strokes wear down the union’s lugs, while missed strokes striking the union’s body can cause hairline cracks which are only noticed when pressure is added. Expensive pieces wear out quicker than they should and often become unusable – as the photos on this page illustrate.

Progressively more damaged pieces that are not taken out of service can pose the risk of catastrophic failure. That’s an acute physical hazard to field crews and bystanders, could trigger a reportable environmental incident and is terrible for your company’s reputation.

This is very costly wear-and-tear – but there’s an easy work-around: the HUWE®. Stop beating on hammer unions and start torqueing them safely and gently with the patented HUWE®. It’s not only safer, but far more economical, given the high cost of hammer unions.

Damaged or worn hammer union pieces impose recurring costs, while HUWE® sets are a one-time purchase. Your crews will avert hammer union damage every time they use the HUWE®. That means ongoing savings. Order a set of HUWE® wrenches today, and you’ll watch your hammer union replacement costs – as well as related worker injuries – go down.