Throw the best wrench at it ®



How To Use

The HUWE® is incredibly easy to assemble and use. Not everyone can swing a sledgehammer accurately or safely. But the patented HUWE® can be used by virtually anyone after a demonstration lasting barely a minute. It’s highly intuitive, the turning direction is clearly marked, and if turned the wrong way it’s designed to slip off the hammer union nut without doing damage.

The HUWE® is designed for pure manual use. The handle lengths allow even an average-sized operator to apply hundreds of foot-pounds of torque – far more than needed to seat a hammer union. The nature of the wrench’s operation means that even a novice operator can distinctly feel the hammer union’s face being seated and the O-ring being compressed. That’s far superior feel to what you get with a sledgehammer – and it helps the operator avoid over-tightening.


Wrench Training Video