Throw the best wrench at it ®



Quality Control

The HUWE® is durable and designed specifically for use in rugged and harsh oilpatch conditions, so the HUWE® will far outlast any sledgehammer. The HUWE®’s head is cast from a single piece of steel with no welds. Head and handle are each heat-treated and water-tempered.

The HUWE® is manufactured in Canada. Each batch poured will receive its own material tracking record (MTR). The MTR will also report the procedures used to heat-treat and water-temper each batch.

With no moving parts and a total of only two main parts to the tool, plus the small locking pin and safety chain, the HUWE®’s strength and innate simplicity means it was designed for an essentially unlimited lifespan. It needs no lubrication or other maintenance.

Patents have been issued for the HUWE.

All HUWE® wrenches come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. The tool is not warranted against abuse such as striking the head with a hammer or adding a snipe, chain or other artificial leverage to the handle.