Throw the best wrench at it ®




The HUWE® avoids the hazards of swinging a large, heavy hammer. There’s dramatically lower risk of impact injuries to the operator or bystander. There are no flying metal chips. Strain on the operator’s joints and back is greatly reduced. Just using the HUWE® is far less tiring – and general fatigue poses its own hazards, potentially leading to other mistakes. The patented HUWE®’s safety benefits are further magnified when the work takes place up off the ground, such as on ladders.

Why pound when you can simply rotate? The HUWE® is so safe the user doesn’t need a face shield or earplugs. Fewer injuries equal greater productivity, a happier and more confident workforce, lower health benefit payments and, ultimately, reduced WCB rates.

Training requirements are modest, consisting of a simple demonstration. The wrench’s turning direction is clearly marked. Virtually anyone can use the HUWE® wrench proficiently.

The HUWE® head’s long curvature and three-sided guide in addition to the main lug-hole ensure a solid connection even on somewhat worn hammer union nuts, including excellent lateral stability. It is designed not to fit on overly damaged nuts – which should be replaced. Yet it also comes off the nut effortlessly and, if you turn it the wrong way, it simply slips off the fitting without damage. The handle is reversible, excellent for confined spaces, enabling 1½ turns – just like an open-end wrench.

The only two “don’ts” are:

  • Don’t beat the HUWE® head with a hammer or anything else; and
  • Don’t snipe or add any other artificial leverage to the handle.

There’s more on how to use the HUWE® here.