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Hammer Union Wrench

Since 2013

Huwe ® Inc.

HUWE® Inc. is the inventor and developer of the patented HUWE® wrench. Our corporate headquarters and distribution facility are in Calgary, Alberta and the HUWE® wrenches are designed in Canada.

HUWE® is owned and operated by Marc Dumaine and Larry Matthewson, two energy industry veterans with many years of bottom-up experience in oil and natural gas well drilling, completions and servicing, and in the design and manufacture of custom equipment. Their ongoing focus is on designing and building things that make life safer and more productive for the field worker – like the HUWE®.

There are few if any competing products on the market today – and absolutely none designed and built to our exacting standards. The HUWE® is available for sale in dozens of countries on six continents, through our reputable distributors, in a wide range of sizes.

“Throw the best wrench at it”: the HUWE®. It’ll be good for your crews, your field equipment and your company’s bottom line!

The Huwe ®

Safety, Safety, Read All About It!

A Safer Way To Connect Piping

Fast, simple, versatile and so much safer – the patented HUWE® lets field workers smoothly fasten and disassemble hammer unions without swinging a sledgehammer.

A Safer Option

The HUWE® makes flying metal chips, impact injuries, wrenched joints, strained backs – plus ruined unions – things of the past. Great for your workers, your company’s reputation and your bottom line.

Full Size Range

HUWE® wrench heads are sized for 2” through 6” hammer unions, covering the commonly used sizes in western Canada. Four handle lengths cover the range of job sizes and user preferences. Available as one wrench unit or a full set of 11 heads with four handles.

How To Use

The HUWE® is incredibly easy to assemble and use. Not everyone can swing a sledgehammer accurately or safely. But the patented HUWE® can be used by virtually anyone after a demonstration lasting barely a minute. It’s highly intuitive, the turning direction is clearly marked, and if turned the wrong way it’s designed to slip off the hammer union nut without doing damage.

The HUWE® is designed for pure manual use. The handle lengths allow even an average-sized operator to apply hundreds of foot-pounds of torque – far more than needed to seat a hammer union. The nature of the wrench’s operation means that even a novice operator can distinctly feel the hammer union’s face being seated and the O-ring being compressed. That’s far superior feel to what you get with a sledgehammer – and it helps the operator avoid over-tightening.

HUWE® Features


Key to the patented HUWE®’s success is the ingenious head design. Cast out of a single piece of steel, each head has been designed to be harder than hammer-union steel. Heat-treated and water-tempered, with no welds, the rugged HUWE® head can operate indefinitely – outlasting any sledgehammer.

The HUWE® head fits easily and sits securely on the nut, thanks to its long curvature, width and open-ended guide in addition to the lug-hole. There’s plenty of lateral stability as well. The head torques the nut in one direction while sliding off easily in the other. It won’t wear out and will continue to sit evenly and grip properly without slipping, even on moderately worn hammer union nuts.


Much of the HUWE®’s user-friendliness and versatility come from the removable, reversible handle. Not only does it generate incredible torque but, just as on a box wrench, reversing the handle lets the user do 1½ turns. That’s great for tough jobs in confined working spaces.


The simple pin is all it takes to lock the handle to the head. It’s attached to the handle by a chain to prevent dropping.


The HUWE® is suited to any job where hammer unions are used, i.e., temporary high-pressure service up to 15,000 psi. That is most commonly required in the oil and natural gas industry and includes flare lines, flow lines and injection lines, high-pressure lines used during hydraulic fracturing and other pressure-pumping services such as cementing, and under-balanced drilling. There can also be need for temporary service, such as steam, during facility turnarounds or expansions. The mining industry also has various requirements for temporary high-pressure service.

In short, anywhere that you might find a hammer union, there’s a need for the patented HUWE®.

Quality Control

The HUWE® is durable and designed specifically for use in rugged and harsh oilpatch conditions, so the HUWE® will far outlast any sledgehammer. The HUWE®’s head is cast from a single piece of steel with no welds. Head and handle are each heat-treated and water-tempered.

The HUWE® is manufactured in Canada. Each batch poured will receive its own material tracking record (MTR). The MTR will also report the procedures used to heat-treat and water-temper each batch.

With no moving parts and a total of only two main parts to the tool, plus the small locking pin and safety chain, the HUWE®’s strength and innate simplicity means it was designed for an essentially unlimited lifespan. It needs no lubrication or other maintenance.

Patents have been issued for the HUWE.

All HUWE® wrenches come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. The tool is not warranted against abuse such as striking the head with a hammer or adding a snipe, chain or other artificial leverage to the handle.

Hammer Union Wear & Tear

Wouldn’t it be better to stop beating your hammer unions to pieces? Tightening and loosening hammer unions with the typical sledgehammer is incredibly hard on the union – particularly the nut.

Repeated hammer strokes wear down the union’s lugs, while missed strokes striking the union’s body can cause hairline cracks which are only noticed when pressure is added. Expensive pieces wear out quicker than they should and often become unusable – as the photos on this page illustrate.

Progressively more damaged pieces that are not taken out of service can pose the risk of catastrophic failure. That’s an acute physical hazard to field crews and bystanders, could trigger a reportable environmental incident and is terrible for your company’s reputation.

This is very costly wear-and-tear – but there’s an easy work-around: the HUWE®. Stop beating on hammer unions and start torqueing them safely and gently with the patented HUWE®. It’s not only safer, but far more economical, given the high cost of hammer unions.

Damaged or worn hammer union pieces impose recurring costs, while HUWE® sets are a one-time purchase. Your crews will avert hammer union damage every time they use the HUWE®. That means ongoing savings. Order a set of HUWE® wrenches today, and you’ll watch your hammer union replacement costs – as well as related worker injuries – go down.


The HUWE® wrench is available worldwide.
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