About Us

HUWE® Inc. is the inventor and developer of the patented HUWE® wrench. Our corporate headquarters and distribution facility are in Calgary, Alberta and the HUWE® wrenches are designed in Canada.


HUWE® is owned and operated by Marc Dumaine and Larry Matthewson, two energy industry veterans with many years of bottom-up experience in oil and natural gas well drilling, completions and servicing, and in the design and manufacture of custom equipment. Their ongoing focus is on designing and building things that make life safer and more productive for the field worker – like the HUWE®.

There are few if any competing products on the market today – and absolutely none designed and built to our exacting standards. The HUWE® is available for sale in dozens of countries on six continents, through our reputable distributors, in a wide range of sizes.

“Throw the best wrench at it”: the HUWE®. It’ll be good for your crews, your field equipment and your company’s bottom line!

Executive Team

HUWE®’s senior management comprises oilfield veterans with decades of experience at the well site and in the fabrication shop. We know our materials, we know how to build things that work and last, we understand the needs of field crews from our own bottom-up experience. And we love to invent things – tools and parts that work better and make life on the job site safer and more convenient. That’s the HUWE® team.

Marc Dumaine - President

Marc’s over 30-year-long career spans oil and natural gas well drilling, production well testing, under-balanced drilling, designing and manufacturing a wide variety of oilfield equipment, and the founding and management of several companies. He is the co-inventor and developer of the HUWE® and a partner in HUWE® Inc.

Marc was born and raised on a farm near Storthoaks, Saskatchewan, in the historical oil country of the province’s southeast. He began working on drilling rigs in Saskatchewan in 1983. In 1990 he joined Norward Energy in Calgary, Alberta, doing production testing, and after a number of years joined another company to work in under-balanced drilling, where he also gained experience in sales.

In 2001 Marc founded Magna Flo Systems. Magna Flo designed and manufactured full under-balanced drilling systems, including separation and nitrogen packages, for use in Russia. The company also helped build coiled tubing rigs. In 2008 Marc launched Magna Fab Inc. It has facilities in Saskatchewan focused on the welding and manufacturing of oilfield equipment, including pipe tubs, Texas gates, mud tanks, and various drilling rig components, as well as hard-banding of drill pipe, non-mag collars and repair of farm equipment. Magna Fab Inc. also has a welding shop in Calgary which is focused on “B” pressure welding and is ASME-certified.

In addition to his enduring interest in designing things, Marc’s hobbies are fishing, camping, relaxing at his cabin in British Columbia and auctioneering at fundraisers.

Larry Matthewson - Vice President

Larry has over 35 years’ bottom-up experience in oil and natural gas well drilling, completions, production and servicing, and in the design and fabrication of oilfield equipment. He was born and raised on a farm near Redvers, Saskatchewan. Larry moved to Alberta in 1978 to work on drilling rigs, beginning as a roughneck and rising to assistant driller. After a number of years he moved into production-testing with Norward Energy, working his way to senior supervisor and gaining exposure to under-balanced drilling. In 1996 Larry began looking after drilling, production and well servicing on a consulting basis for a western company that was contracted to operate a producing oilfield in Russia.

In 2002 Larry joined Magna Flo Systems, helping to design and build under-balanced drilling equipment for service in Russia. He also spent considerable time in Russia training crews in the equipment’s proper use.

Larry is a co-inventor and developer of the HUWE® and a partner in HUWE® Inc. In his spare time he enjoys playing hockey and golf and loves deep-sea fishing for Marlin.